We work with your bathroom installation from start to finish, and we’ll liaise with your fitter at every stage.


At Herne Bay Plumbing, we pride ourselves on offering a friendly and helpful service to our customers. We work hard to sort out problems and provide genuine aftercare, with a fair and competitive pricing structure.

Free site visit

We'll come and see you at home to help you plan your project from the start

Large showroom

Our large showroom lets you see how your bathroom will look


We'll liaise with your fitter at every stage of the installation

Experienced staff

Our experienced team will keep you informed and reassured


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We try to sell products that are distinct and different from those sold on the internet. Our prices reflect the quality of our products - we like to sell competitively priced products whilst also maintaining high standards of quality and design.

We have close working relationships with our trade customers and we can offer recommendations for reliable and experienced fitters based on the needs of your project.

We always ask the right questions so we can safely match products with their right systems.

The majority of our branded products come with good warranty cover as standard, and we do our very best to sort out any problems as soon as they can if they occur.

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